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Wikas is A commercial Printing division of Sakal Media Group. Many of our innovations are enjoyed by our customers. This is just one side, the flip side is the way we executed them. We have strong software platform to execute and monitor your each and every requirement.

We established in March 1989. The idea was to provide world class printing facilities to Maharashtra. Today, quality printing is synonymous with Wikas Printing & Carriers Pvt. Ltd., with more than 25 years of experience we have established its image with the credibility & trust of its valued client. We are partner, a solution provider & a friend of not only print required client but also to printers.

We Set benchmarks to be an unmatched book printing service and to deliver the best end-to-end solutions. Highly specialized book printing company with value proposition of global capacity and advanced technology to streamline processes, trim costs and accelerated efficiency. Successfully delivered a wised array of commercial printing jobs. One stop Solution for all your printing requirements.

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